West India Festivals

The colorful states of Rajasthan and Gujarat, the exotic Goa with the rugged Maharashtra, form the western part of India. Along with the colorfulness, the songs and dances make a prominent impact in the festivals all over India. The Western part of India can said to be the jolliest part in the county. Numerous festivals of West India reflect the true color of India. The loud music, colorful people, rich food, everything about India is reflected in the festivals of West India. Ganesh Festival, Goa Carnival, Navratri, Kala Ghoda Fair, Kite Festival, Nariyal Poornima are the famous festival.

Ganesh Festival

Location: Mumbai
Held In: Fourth day of Bhadrapad

It is the most famous festival of western India of Maharashtra. On this day people offer the prayer of Lord Ganesha. The whole of Mumbai as well as people from different parts of the country throng the city of Mumbai for the celebration. This festival held on the fourth day of Bhadrapad. Lord Ganesh, with his elephant head, is the God of good omen in the Hindu pantheon. He is revered by his followers, who carry clay models of him in grand processions, to the sound of cymbals and drums.

Goa Carnivals

Location: Goa
Held In: February/March

It’s a three day festival which is highlighted by colors, dance and music. Goa, itself is the touristiest state of India, moreover during the time of this carnival, it's completely occupied by locals and tourists. Under such superior climate, fun and frolic and customs and traditions that belong to that region of India. The ultimate charm of the month of February/March, Goa is a paradise to visit during Goa Carnival.


Location: Gujarati
Held in: September/October

Navratri is the celebration for the divine goddess, Durga. According to the Hindu calendar, the festival occurs four times a year but the one in the month of Ashwin (September/October) is the most popular. During the festivities, the streets throng with devotees performing the Garbas and the Raas (unique folk dance forms), especially in the state of Gujarat.

Elephanta Festival

Location: Mumbai
Held in: Februray

Elephanta festival in Mumbai is celebrated on Elephanta Island in February across Mumbai harbour. The Elephanta festival is a dance festival that is hosted by Elephanta Island. The Elephanta Island is a small island that is near the world famous Elephanta Caves. The island is at a distance of 10kms from Mumbai harbour. Dance, music and feast mark the celebrations of Elephanta festival. The Elephanta Island is popular for its cave shrine and beautiful caves.

Kala Ghoda Fair

Location: Mumbai
Held in: On eight successive Sunday, from November to January

This fair showcases traditional Indian arts & crafts, ethnic food, street performances as well as village and classical arts. The event is very popular among the people of Mumbai and tourists alike.

Kite Festival

Location: Ahmedabad
Held in: 14th January

This festival is celebrated on Makara Sankranti. This day has a special significance. For the sun, symbolizing knowledge, wisdom and spiritual light – that recedes from us when we revel in the darkness of ignorance, delusion and sesuality – now joyously turns on its northward course and rushes towards one and all, to shed its light and warmth in abundance.

The day prior to Makara Sankranti is called the Bhogi Festival. On this day, old, worn-out and dirty things are discarded and burnt. Houses are cleaned and whitewashed. Kites are flown, in a celebration of the light and warmth of the sun.

Nariyal Poornima

Location: Daman & Diu
Held in: August/September

Nariyal Purnima is a special and distinct festival for the worship of Lord Varuna – the God of seas- celebrated by the people living on the coasts. It falls on the full moon day of the month of Sravan in the Hindu calendar (Aug/Sep)-on the same day as Raksha Bandhan. People throw innumerable coconuts into the sea to satisfy the sea god. Special offerings are made and religious ceremonies are held. Coconuts and pieces of it are distributed as “prasad’ (a material substance first offered to the God) and a delightfully delicious dish called coconut rice is prepared. Come to this amazing festival with Indian Festival tours.
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