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Pondicherry is the most beautiful place of the south India which is 70 kilometers from the Chennai. The most attractive beauty is its oval shape means this city is like an oval shape. Pondicherry, the ‘Riviera of the East’ is a quaint little city. The main attraction of this city is exotic and beautiful beaches with green lush environment, blue waters. There are more than 350 temples in and around Pondicherry, 75 of them dedicated to Lord Ganesha. So, the beach at Pondicherry is a wonderful place to walk and relax.

Serenity and Paradise Beach

The Serenity and Paradise beaches are the most visited beaches of the Pondicherry. A calm and tranquil atmosphere attracts more the visitors. The sands and the waters are extremely neat and tidy. The Serenity and paradise beaches always attract the huge number of tourists. These are the perfect places to take a quick dip and an ideal place for the solitude-seekers. Paradise Beach is located about 8 kilometers away from the city. The road to this beach can only be accessed through a boat. The Serenity Beach is a 10 minute drive to the north of the city and is known for its calm spots. Its shallow waters are ideal for snorkeling and swimming. The beaches are crammed with people on weekends, while on weekdays it’s quite empty. The Paradise beach offers great chances of sighting Dolphins.

Karaikal Beach

Karaikal beach in Pondicherry is popular for its peacefulness and tranquility. If you want to enjoy canoeing or kayaking in peace then this beach can be the perfect destination for you. You will surely have a quality time in the pleasing surrounding. The sunrise from this beach looks absolutely stunning and striking. You can also enjoy a game of volleyball with your loved ones. You can also pamper in certain adventure sports like boating, swimming, kayaking etc.

How to Reach: The nearest airport is Trichy. The nearest railway Station is at Nagore and regular buses ply from Pondicherry.

Mahe Beach

If you go to trip to the Pondicherry then you r trip cannot be completed till you Mahe beach because this beach is stunning and striking beach of the Pondicherry of South India. The clear blue sky, the warm sun and the white shinning sands are looking forward to welcome and soothe your soul at Mahe beach in Pondicherry. It is located at the 22 kilometers from the Kannur. This Beach is more popular among the local people of the union territory of Pondicherry. The tourists may stroll on this Beach and enjoy the beauty of the rising and the setting sun.
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