Honeymoon in Panchmarhi

Panchmarhi got its name from the five caves that once sheltered the Pandavas during their exile. If you are looking for honeymoon places in India, then you should turn your head at the extremely beautiful hill station in Madhya Pradesh, known as Pachmarhi. We all know that Honeymoon is a special occasion in the life of every human being. It is one of the best moments in the lives of individuals. A honeymoon in Pachmarhi is a complete package of fun, adventure and romance. It is the place where you will have lots of eye-soothing sights to enjoy your honeymoon with fun. Pachmarhi is an ideal honeymoon destination for the newly married couples.
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Places to see

General Information

Best time to visit: September to May.

Culture: Most of the people in Panchmarhi are Hindus. Muslims, Jains, Christians and Buddhists are also exists. There is also a small Sikh population. Hindi is the main official - language. Dialects of the language, Such as Bundelkhandi, Malwi and Chattisgarhi are also spoken by the people. Urdu, Marathi, Sindhi, and Gujarati are also commonly spoken.people can enjoy Indian classical dance and music, folk dance and music, literary programs, theatre and even traditional theatre forms like Ramleela.

Food: Pachmarhi is a place for yummy gujarati, maharashtrian, North Indian and jian food.The staple food is roti and paratha. Chat is also famous. Highlights: The Beautiful Waterfalls, The Intimidating Caves, The Splendid Hills Peaks,Tridhara, The Architectural Delights, Satpura National Park, Rajat Prapat (Silver Fall), Bees Fall, Pandav Caves, Gupt Mahadev, Chauragarh (Shiv Devotees come here in huge numbers during Mahashivratri),Dhupgarh (The highest peak of the Satpuras and Madhya Pradesh), Handi Kho (Deep Valley), Priyadarshini, Apsara Falls, Jatashanker, Saunderkund, Big Fall and Duchess Fall.

Top Hotels: Satpura Retreat, Girishringar Pachmarhi, Glen View, Indraprastha Hotel, Hotel Sanskar etc.
Shopping: Exclusive bamboo and metal work on the handicrafts, paintings, hunting tools, and jars of local honey etc.

Climate: Climate during summers from May to June remains highly bracing and pleasant. Maximum temperature during summers does not exceed 35°C. Winters starting by November and extending up to February are very cold and minimum temperature can cross 4°C. Monsoons during July to September offer moderate rain in Pachmarhi.

How to Reach

By Air: Bhopal is the nearest airport and it is connected with Delhi, Gwalior, Indore, Bombay, Raipur and Jabalpur.

By Train: Pipariya is most convenient railhead on the Mumbai-Howrah mainline.

By Road: Regular bus services connect Panchmarhi with Bhopal, Nagpur, Pipariya, Hashangabad and Chhindwara.


Duration: 07 Days/06 Nights

Places to visit: Bhopal - Panchmarhi - Bhopal

Day 1: Bhopal - Pachmarhi

You arrive at Bhopal and proceed to Pachmarhi at our hotel where you relax and stay overnight at a hotel.

Day 2: Pachmarhi

Spend the day enjoying sightseeing tour and other place of Pachmarhi.

Day 3: Pachmarhi

Visit the ancient Pandav Caves and several other remarkable places including Dhoopgarh .

Day 4: Panchmarhi - Kanha

Leave for Kanha and the journey will take you across scenic countryside.

Day 5: Kanha

Spend the day at Kanha,and also visit the important places.

Day 6: Kanha - Jabalpur

Proceed towards Jabalpur where on arrival enjoy evening at the hotel, overnight stay.

Day 7: Jabalpur - Bhopal

At Afternoon leave Bhopal to board your train for your journey back home.
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